Worldwide Cargo Delivery

Celeste Marine provides a full range of services for the organization of the cargo  transportation by any type of transport. Thanks to an active and fruitful cooperation with national and international carriers, shipping and air lines, we are able to offer to our customers the delivery by sea, by air, by rail and by road.

More than 10 years of experience in international logistics allows us to properly manage priorities and find the best solution in each case of the organization of the  transportation.

We live in a time when international trade plays a significant role in forming the state economy. Developing a trading network and building partnerships, every entrepreneur tries to find the most profitable solution, not only for the purchase of goods, but also for their transportation.

Our company offers optimal tariffs and working conditions so that your business can be economically profitable and generate income not only within a single unit, but also at the state level.

The organization of the freight transportation by Celeste Marine is carried out using:

  •  container shipping;
  •  air freight;
  •  railway  delivery;
  •  road delivery;
  •  multimodal transportation.
How is the cost calculation?

When choosing the best type of transport and arranging the most appropriate route, Celeste Marine specialists need to take into account many factors. First of all, it is necessary to clearly understand the desired delivery time for this freight. Then you need to determine the duration and cost of the freight run on all valid routes based on the desired timing. This calculation allows you to obtain the most optimal ratio of cost and time for the transportation.

It goes without saying that it is not possible to make such calculations correctly and quickly without having the relevant knowledge and experience in this field. We meet such processes on a daily basis, thanks to which we can confidently announce that the accumulated experience makes it easy to solve even the most complex transportation tasks.

We take care of all questions related to:

  •  receiving goods from suppliers;
  •  determining the appropriate route and delivery method;
  •  packaging and marking of goods;
  •  optimum stuffing of containerized  cargo;
  •  delivery and loading on the selected type of transport;
  •  Cargo tracking during transportation ;
  •  customs clearance;
  •  door delivery.

Besides, the company’s specialists are ready to offer a number of additional services that are inextricably connected with the process of transportation and cargo delivery.

We are open to the cooperation and are ready to take on all your concerns in the organization of international transportation, while ensuring high quality of job and an individual approach to the service.