The Possibility of Using Air Freight Operations

International air freight is the most effective solution for people who are used to value their business time. When using air transport it is possible to significantly increase the speed of delivery, even if it is carried out from another continent. Besides, aircraft can deservedly be considered one of the safest type of transport, which is extremely important when transporting exclusive or highly valued goods.

The significant advantages of using air freight transportation include the possibility of transporting almost all types of cargo:

  •  out off-gauge and oversize load;
  •  highly valued and exclusive;
  •  fragile;
  •  dangerous;
  •  perishable goods;
  •  general and groupage cargo.

The use of freight transportation using air freight transportation is advisable when delivery times are of great importance. For example, the production process is idle without the necessary details. It is necessary to bring an exclusive product or an entry to the market as soon as possible. That is the great demand for the goods and the lack of it on the shelves of your store.

Thus, delivery by plane, even with respect to other type  of transport, of the high cost, can help you not to lose money, but also make significant profit.

Order Air Delivery of Goods

Celeste Marine has a wide experience in organizing freight transportation by air. Due to the fruitful long-term relationship with the largest air carriers (both domestic and foreign), we can confidently announce that we guarantee high-quality and timely delivery of goods.

Sophisticated logistics and time-tested routes provide an opportunity for our customers to use the air freight transportation service at an acceptable cost.

The company’s specialists take care of all issues that arise in the course of work on the delivery of the cargo. And also, for your convenience, we provide a number of additional services that will make the process of transportation more individual and special for each client.

The list of our services includes:

  •  acceptance of cargo from the shipper;
  •  warehouse marking and storage;
  •  packaging of the received goods and preparation for air transportation;
  •  choice of the most optimal route;
  •  registration of the documentation necessary for air transportation;
  •  control over the movement of cargo en route;
  •  customs clearance;
  •  documenting the delivery process and timely delivery of goods to the customer.

Besides, we will help to insure your cargo, organize security and monitoring of the goods delivered, as well as to solve many other issues related to the transportation of goods from abroad.