Road Transportation

Advantages of Using Vehicles

The most common type of freight transport with a host of advantages and undoubted convenience is a truck .

Road transportation provides the most extensive opportunities for international delivery of  cargo to anywhere in the world. Such geographical accessibility coupled with a modern fleet of vehicles, the latest computer technology, thoughtful logistics and qualified personnel, attracts all those who require the services of international road haulage.

Celeste Marine offers to use road  transportation for fast and reliable delivery of your goods from the CIS countries, Europe and Turkey. We guarantee reasonable prices, availability of information on the location of the cargo , consistency of routes, competent logistics and compliance with the timing.

Definitely, the biggest and most obvious advantage, which none of the modern types of freight transportation can boast of, is the ability to deliver goods directly to the customer’s door. However, this is not the only advantage of the use of vehicles. The advantages of road  transportation include the following:

  •  possibility of multimodal (combined) transportation;
  •  constant control of location and regular customer information;
  •  high speed delivery;
  •  acceptable and reasonable value;
  •  Maneuverability and the ability to quickly routing change  in case of need or changes in weather phenomena that can interfere with timely delivery.
How to Order International Motor Transportation

Providing a standard list of road transportation services, Celeste Marine experts are also ready to provide a number of additional services that may be useful to you. Among them are:

  •  cargo  insurance;
  •  escort and security;
  •  Assistance in choosing a reliable supplier;
  •  temporary cargo storage

We appreciate the time of our customers, so we settled our obligations to deliver the cargo on time in full. Besides, we understand that each delivery case is individual, so we try to find our own approach to each client in order to fully satisfy his request.

It should also be noted that in the implementation of road  transportation, most customers prefer to insure the goods additionally so that in the event of an insured event they do not suffer financial losses. By providing cargo insurance services, we save your time and, of course, money, because an integrated approach to freight transportation provided by one freight forwarder will cost much less than the payment for job of different companies.

We grow and develop along with our clients, and thanks to which we can take pride in the quality of the job performed by our specialists. We suggest you make sure of this!