Additional services

Warehousing Services

The issue of temporary storage of goods becomes relevant in the case when the goods need to be taken away from the supplier today, but the delivery for some reason is scheduled for another time.

Celeste Marine offers a wide range of warehousing services to its customers, so you don’t have to worry about where to store your goods in a foreign country.

For your convenience, there are optimum conditions for:

  •  cargo accumulation ;
  •  segregation;
  •  marking;
  •  storage.

We are ready to help you when the goods are temporarily not ready for import, and when the goods are in transit and need to be reloaded, remarked or sorted, and packed.

Cargo Insurance

No matter how the carrier is reliable, the international delivery of goods is always associated with increased risk and the possibility of material loss.

Therefore, many transport companies recommend to their customers to insure the goods transported. Of course, the cargo insurance will not save it from the impact of a natural disaster or human factor and subsequent negative consequences, however, it will allow you to recover financial losses and minimize losses.

We provide to our customers the cargo insurance services under various conditions, depending on the situation.

In the English version, the insurance sounds like confidence. Give your confidence with Celeste Marine.

Port Forwarding

Port forwarding is mandatory and inevitable process during the cargo transportation by sea.

As a rule, such services  are carried out by specially trained representatives of companies that have entered into an agreement with a  exact port administration. Port forwarding consists of:

  •  organization of terminal handling charges ;
  •  movement of cargo in the port;
  • cargo storage;
  •  documentation handling of all the processes.

The purpose of these works is the handling of the  cargo through the port, control over its safety in the process, as well as assistance during customs operations.

It is clear that the  cargo owner will not be able to provide such a set of  port activities on its own. Celeste Marine will take over the full range of services for the delivery of your goods, including mandatory  Port forwarding, while ocean transportation.

Customs Clearance and Preparation of Permits

International cargo delivery is closely related to the mandatory process of customs clearance and the preparation of permits.

Celeste Marine offers its customers a full range of customs and brokerage services for import, export and transit cargo regardless of the category of goods or the country of origin from which the delivery or transportation originates.

The peer assessment of Celeste Marine’s specialists enables the quick implementation of all necessary operations, legally correct execution of the necessary permits and accompanying documents, customs clearance of goods in various modes.

Entrust the solution of such a crucial issue as customs clearance to us, and we, in our turn, will provide you with quality service. You’ll make sure that the customs clearance can be quite simple and easy.

Search of Manufacture in China

It is often quite difficult to find a reliable manufacturer and supplier of products in China for most entrepreneurs and businessmen who are just mastering the process of international trade. A foreign country, with its own customs and rules, a variety of exhibitions, and manufacturers, are all that capable of confusing even experienced buyers.

In order the choice of the manufacturer and long-term partner for the supply of goods does not become your headache, entrust this task to us. Specialists of Celeste Marine will help with the solution of this issue and will try to find the best option, which is able to arrange not only financially, but also all other issues, including product quality, favorable conditions and reliability of the transaction.