Container shipping

Advantages of container shipping

The most demanded type of long-distance freight transport is international container shipping. Low cost, high reliability, cargo protection from damage, convenience and practicality – all this makes this type of delivery especially attractive to cargo owners around the world.

Choosing among a variety of delivery methods, most often cargo owners opt for container shipping. This solution provides the undoubted advantages of this delivery method:

  • Low cost of freight shipping, which is provided by a large vessel’s capacity.
  • Reliability of delivery, which becomes possible when using sea containers.
  • Practicality, which is achieved by the absence of cargo re-stuffing and its rational placement inside of the container.
  • Convenience -in case of any transshipment in the ports, your goods invariably remain in a closed container, which significantly speeds up the process of transshipment, as well as ensures its safety and integrity of the cargo inside.
  • Possibility of shipping both FCL (delivery of goods in separate containers in a frame of large logistics projects) and LCL (delivery of consolidated cargo of different cargo owners in small batches using one container).

Celeste Marine offers an integrated approach to solving container shipping.

Years of experience and strong partnerships with agents around the world allow our company to arrange for our customers cargo delivery from any seaport. We provide cargo’s delivery as  FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Than Container Load) variants depending on the commercial needs of our customers. Also, specialists of our company are able to provide:

  • delivery of cargo from the place of loading to the port of loading;
  • acceptance of cargo and its handling in the ports of loading and discharge ;
  • logistics services;
  • cargo consolidation;
  • port forwarding in the ports of Ukraine;
  • custom brokerage services.

In addition, the company’s employees are ready to offer the provision additional services such as:

  • cargo insurance;
  • support with foreign suppliers ;
  • warehousing and cargo storage

We are able to choose the most optimal and expedient option. Contact us!

LCL by Sea

The most profitable way of delivering a small batch of goods from abroad is LCL, consolidated freight transportation by sea. This type of transportation is considered the most cost-effective and at the same time no less reliable.

Correctly form the consolidated consignment of goods is a big responsibility. Since consolidated transportation involves the consolidation of goods of different shippers in the same container:

  •  take into account the joint delivery route (for example: from Yiwu, China to Odessa, Ukraine);
  •  next, it is necessary to focus on the category of goods and their compatibility with each other;
  •  it is also important the choice of the optimum route, which is suitable for all participants of the consolidated freight transportation.

Undoubtedly, shipping of consolidated freight by sea is profitable. We will do everything to ensure that the process of delivery of your consignment does not disturb.